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Terms and conditions

Learning the moves.
Attempting to learn any of the Moves, Links or any other activities described on the pages of this site is done so entirely at your own risk.
Please Note that all moves, no matter how easy, can cause injury if they are done incorrectly. Before attempting any moves on this site you must make your own assessment of your ability to safely complete the described moves.

The tutorial pages and videos contained within this site are written and produced by a fully trained Modern Jive teacher with several years teaching experience, while every effort is made to assure the accuracy of the descriptions of the moves it is down to an individuals comprehension of the descriptions to ensure the safe completion of the described moves.  Dance Yourself Dizzy and its employees can except no responsibility for any lack of comprehension or any injuries caused whilst endeavoring to complete the moves, links or any other activity described on this site.

The Use of Material contained within
The information contained on the pages of this site has been created for, and on behalf of, Dance Yourself Dizzy. All photos, descriptions, video, animations and other content created for this site are the copyright property of Dance Yourself Dizzy. All page content has been specifically created for the sole use of Dance Yourself Dizzy and as such should not be copied on to any other web site or be used in any other public forum, profit making or not, without the specific consent of Dance Yourself Dizzy.

Members Area
• Access to the members pages of will not be authorized until payment is received and cleared in full.
• Although every effort will be made to ensure an uninterrupted service we cannot guarantee that there will not be breaks in the availability of the members area pages from time to time. Access to the members pages is granted to customers on the acceptance that minor breaks in service may occur on occasion. These may be due to the updating of this site or circumstances outside of our control such as server related problems. In the event of such occurrences resulting in an extended break in service every effort will be made to ensure that the appropriate amount of time is added to the end of your membership period to adequately compensate for the break in service.
• Memberships purchased on-line will be recurring, and at set intervals, as chosen on signup. Memberships purchased on-line will continue until cancelled by the purchaser, this can be done ,on-line, at any time. All memberships purchased by post or at a class night will automatically expire after 6 months.
• Many moves available in the members area are also available, free of charge, from the public pages of however these are lower quality video that cannot be saved.
• All moves have been categorized according to class reaction and comprehension at our regular class nights and will not necessarily conform to an individuals own abilities.
• Dance Yourself Dizzy will make every effort to ensure that new moves will be added to the members area at a steady rate to ensure the continued custom of its members, however, there will be no fixed number of updates or additions nor will they take place at any fixed time intervals. All payment decisions made in return for access to the members area should be based on what is currently available from the members area rather than what will be available in the future.
• Username and password details supplied at the time of registering are for the sole use of the registering member. Any persons judged to be misusing their username or password information to aid third party access to the members pages will have their membership terminated with immediate affect with no entitlement to refund.

Downloading Video
Many moves in our members area are available for download. By downloading a file you agree that you accept the following statements.
• The file is soley for your own private use.
• The file will not be coppied or shared in any way.
• The file will not be edited or changed in any way.
Dance Yourself Dizzy takes any misuse of our files very seriously and will act accordingly against those found to be missusing our content. The facility to easily download files from our members area will be completely withdraw if it is abused.