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Freestyle dates
23/02/19 Totton 2 Room Freestyle
09/03/19 Totton Freestyle
14/03/19 Minstead £5 Thursday Freestyle
23/03/19 Totton 2 Room Freestyle
13/04/19 Totton Freestyle
20/04/19 Winchester 3 Room James Bond Ball
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Basingstoke Dates
18th Feb Open
25th Feb Open
4th Mar Open
11th Mar Open
18th Mar Open
25th Mar Open
Basingstoke Venue Details
Winchester Dates
19th Feb Open
26th Feb Open
5th Mar Open
12th Mar Open
19th Mar Open
26th Mar Open
Winchester Venue Details
Minstead Dates
21st Feb Open
28th Feb Open
7th Mar Open
14th Mar Open
21st Mar Open
28th Mar Open
Minstead Venue Details

Full list of DYD Events

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Totton 2 Room Freestyle
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